The Truth About Hemorrhoid Pain Relief For Healthy Living in 2019 – [An Infographic]

75% people develop hemorrhoids at some stage in their lives. While hemorrhoids are most common between ages 45 and 65, it’s not unusual to see them in younger adults as well. There are many remedies available for hemorrhoid pain relief. Exercise is an important part of avoiding hemorrhoids but this has one small exception. Lifting heavy weights with poor technique, like holding your breath while you lift can increase the risk of hemorrhoids or make existing hemorrhoids worse. Regular exercise helps in reducing the risk of hemorrhoids.

Check out the infographic by “Miss Good Health” to know the truths about hemorrhoids.

If you have hemorrhoids, many steps can be done to relieve pain, burning, itching, and discomfort. For hemorrhoids home treatment try foot baths and topical anesthetic. For severe cases of hemorrhoids, surgery may be the only viable solution. With increasing age, one must bring change in a lifestyle and start healthy eating.

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